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We hope to find the best way to apply solar energy at your home or business. Our aim is to ensure the greatest possible return on the use of renewable energy.

Solar energy has a lot of benefits:

  • Solar energy is free. Everyone can use solar energy in a way she or he prefers.
  • Energy independence. Solar PV installations at your home or business enable you to dissociate from electric distribution network and save money – you generate your own electricity.
  • Ecology. Solar PV is a green renewable energy source. Unlike gas, solid fuel and petroleum, solar panels do not pollute the environment because materials used in solar panels are safe and easily recycled. Solar panel usage reduces the consumption of traditional energy sources.
  • Longevity. Solar panel is an extremely lasting energy generation device. It is estimated that solar panel efficiency decreases by less than 1 per cent per year.
  • Different applications. Solar panels can be installed in all facilities where electricity is used: residential and commercial buildings, agricultural enterprises, farms, camping sites, swimming pools, etc.

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