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Electrical energy from the sun

Every day the Sun produces the vast amount of energy. According to scientists, it is the most powerful energy source on the Earth. They calculated that the theoretical annual global solar energy potential reaches 900 million TWh. It is about 60 times higher than the theoretical annual global wind energy potential, about 2 200 times higher than the theoretical annual potential of geothermal energy, 36 000 times — than the theoretical annual potential of hydroelectric power. However, the major part of solar energy potential still remains untapped. This is due to several reasons: solar energy is widely diffused, its parameters vary within the broad range depending on a day and season. Previously there was no access for the use of solar energy effectively. But the times were changing, technology was improving. Due to the use of cutting-edge technologies, the implementation of solar energy resources is becoming much easier. The energy in foreign countries, which is emitted by sun, is already quite a long time successfully used in buildings for heating, hot water and electricity production. For example, the US has planned that by 2050 this country will get 69% of electrical energy from the sun. India, China, Germany and other countries are catching up with US.


European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) predicts that by 2040 the world's largest share - 27.4 percent of all electricity will be generated by solar power. They predict that even after 30 years, 82 percent of all electricity will be produced from various renewable sources, mainly solar and wind.

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