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The photovoltaic system consists of solar modules, accumulator packs, battery charging controller, inverter, accounting cabinet with all necessary electrical elements of the accounting scheme and automatic switch, electrical energy receivers. The package of system elements depends on solar energy utilization goals.


AC - alternating current. DC - direct current.


Our company is supplied with complement parts of system by the world's leading companies in this area and by Chinese manufacturers who offer us cheaper analogues, so we can ensure product quality, durability, technical service and affordable price.


The solar power station produces from 0.8 to 2.5 kWh / kWp of electricity per year. More details of this distribution can be found here:


Below there are provided preliminary prices of products:



Price (0% VAT)

Solar modules

870-1500 EUR/kW

Solar panel mounting system

150-250 EUR/kW

Solar Inverters

200-300 EUR/kW

Wind Inverters 300-600 EUR/kW
Off-Grid inverters and charge controllers

300-520 EUR/kW


1160 EUR/kWh

Telemetry/metering equipments

260-870 EUR

Accounting cabinets

30-150 EUR


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